DSMS Offices

District Supply & Marketing Society (DSMS) offices are established in 30 districts of Odisha divided in 5 Zones for its field level intervention.  The Executives working at ORMAS & DSMSs offices are basically professionals having Rural Management/ Rural Development/ Marketing Management background from premier institutes of the country like IRMA, XISS, XIMB and Symbiosis etc.   

The Executives working in District Offices of ORMAS:

District  Name Designation Telephone No. DSMS E-Mail ID
Anugul Nirod Kumar Jena CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437657629 dsmsangul@gmail.com
Balangir Kamalendu Paul CE, DSMS 9437320186 dsmsbalangir@gmail.com
Balasore Jitendra Kumar Biswal CE, DSMS 9437301971 dsmsbalasore@gmail.com
Bargarh Raj Gopal Dash CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9438529567 dsmsbargarh@gmail.com
Bhadrak Gundicha Behera CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 8895597697 dsmsbhadrak@gmail.com
Boudh Biman Mal CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9438345779 dsmsboudh@gmail.com
Cuttack Nigam Charan Dash CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437307271 dsmscuttack@gmai.com
Deogarh Sri Prasanta Kumar Dash CE, DSMS 9437633185 dsmsdeogarh@gmail.com
Dhenkanal Sanjib Ku. Mohanty CE, DSMS 9861170605 dsmsdhenkanal@gmail.com
Gajapati Rabindra Kumar Pradhan PE, DSMS (I/C CE) 9438606426 dsmsgajapati@gmail.com
Ganjam Praveen Jha CE, DSMS 8895724742 dsmsganjam@gmail.com
Jagatsinghapur Satya Sundar Sibram Paital CE, DSMS 9439314880 dsmsjagatsinghpur@gmail.com
Jajpur Sri Shantanu Banerjee CE, DSMS 9439724855 dsmsjajpur@gmail.com
Jharsuguda Nilima Kujur DPM, OLM and I/C CE, DSMS   dsmsjharsuguda@gmail.com
Kalahandi Manoj Kumar Patra CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9937244450 dsmskalahandi@gmail.com
Kandhamal Jyoti Prakash Mohanty CE, DSMS 8763083961 dsmskandhamal@gmail.com
Kendrapara Sri Jitendra Kumar Barik CE, DSMS 8895759712 dsmskendrapada@gmail.com
Keonjhar Swapan Goswami CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437037411 dsmskeonjhar@gmail.com
Khordha Neelkantha Rath CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437400408 dsmskhurda@gmail.com
Koraput Roshan Kumar Kartik CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437642496 dsmskoraput@gmail.com
Koraput Pradip Kumar Mishra PE, DSMS 9437197125 dsmskoraput@gmail.com
Malkangiri Jagadish Chandra Sahoo DPM, OLM and I/C CE, DSMS 9437415059 dsmsmalkangiri@gmail.com
Mayurbhanj Keshaw Jha CE, DSMS 9437208202 dsmsmayurbhanj@gmail.com
Nabarangpur Pabitra Mohan Bara DPM, OLM and I/C CE, DSMS 9437428634 dsmsnabarangpur@gmail.com
Nayagarh Chitta Ranjan Pattanaik EP, DSMS (I/C CE) 9437535580 dsmsnayagarh@gmail.com
Nuapada George M. Kerketa CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437814793 dsmsnuapada@gmail.com
Puri Subal Kumar Jenamani EP, DSMS 9439596620 dsmspuri@gmail.com
Raygada Aalka Uma Mahesh CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9438440114 dsmsrayagada@gmail.com
Sambalpur Sri Srimanta Hota CE, DSMS 9938409890 dsmssambalpur@gmail.com
Sonepur Jubaraj Sahu CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9777909154 dsmssonepur@gmail.com
Sundargarh Souravamaya Dash CE, DSMS and I/C DPM, OLM 9437368036 dsmssundargarh@gmail.com

Officials of Headquater 

Name Designation Telephone No. E-mail ID
Sri Biranchi Narayan Das Executive Director 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Smt. Banita Sethi, OFS Dy. CE (Accounts) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Smt. Sanghamitra Nayak Dy. CE (Skill Dev.) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Bipin Behari Rout Dy. CE (Admn. & Accounts) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Sujay Kar Dy. CE(Marketing) 0674-2565871 ormasmarketing@gmail.com
Sri Om Prakash Rautaraya PM (Skill. Dev.) 0674-2565871 aajeevikaskills.odisha@gmail.com
Sri Deepak Ku. Srichandan PM (Ent. Dev) 0674-2565871 aajeevikaskills.odisha@gmail.com
Sri Shakti Prasad Samantray PE (Accounts) 0674-2565871 ormas@rediffmail.com
Ms. Kasturi Pattnaik EA (Marketing) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Mrs. Sipra Rath EA (Admin) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Sukant Chandra Behera EA (Admin) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Shyam Sundar Sahoo SE (MIS) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Sanjit Kumar Panda EA (Accounts) 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Santosh Ku. Behera Driver 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Ramesh Ch. Mohanty Driver 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Ganesh Ch. Samantaray Driver 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Pratap Ku. Dash Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Subash Ch. Behera Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Binod Bihari Sahoo Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Gobinda Ch. Behera Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Jitendra Ku. Mohapatra Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Laxman Ku. NAyak Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com
Sri Basanta Ku. Pati Peon 0674-2565871 ormashq@gmail.com