Mission and Vision


It is imperative to get a glimpse of the humble beginning and development of this Society, which initially cherished to provide marketing support to the rural producer/ products for the larger goal of economic empowering of poor.  ORMAS trail a robust intervention strategy on capacity building of the rural producers for role evolution of the community and then gradual withdrawal from it for self-management of enterprises.  It ensures empowerment of the rural producers with sustainability.  At the micro level, the strategy is to create successful models of enterprises and at the macro level to influence the policy decision in favour of the community.

Programme for economic upliftment of rural producers

  • > Formation and management of small SHGs (Women groups)
  • > Capacity building of Self-Help Groups and SGSY groups
  • > Initiation of Micro Enterprises and Micro Credit Linkages
  • > Empowering the SHG/SGSY groups for sustainable self-management activities

Intervention for promoting the marketing of rural products

  • > Market Research, planning, coordination and market forecasting
  • > Identification of key activities with Cluster approach
  • > Technology Up-gradation along with Value addition of rural products
  • > Facilitating infrastructure support
  • > Skill Development through thematic orientation
  • > Standardization and Quality Assurance
  • > Design Diversification and Product
  • > Scientific and Attractive Packaging Development
  • > Organising and Participating in Exhibitions/ Melas for rural producers/ artisans (inside and outside State)
  • > Product Promotion through Exhibitions
  • > Facilitate Sales through channels (corporate linkage/ sales tie-up/ collective marketing)

Facilitate for a sustainable livelihood of the rural poor

  • > Promotion of Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • > Livelihood promotion through cluster development with focus on collectives like SHGs and Producer Groups.
  • > To provide capacity building, technology and market access to the rural poor for getting remunerative price
  • > To create Infrastructure linkages
  • > Transfer of Appropriate Technology
  • > Skills training of rural youth in different trades as per market demand
  • > Assisting placements of trained rural youth in organised sector